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AMD: AMD to go up, with arrival of bulldozer.

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Posted 2145 days ago on 9/08/11

AMD will go UP
$14.00 on 3/08/12
$13.89 (104.23% from time of market call)

With the AMD Bulldozer architecture ready and rearing to go, not to mention that the new Opteron server CPUs(Interlagos) which mind you are the worlds first 16 core x86 server CPUs, have already begun shipping (which is in fact based on the new Bulldozer architecture) it means that for once AMD should be shipping the Bulldozer desktop CPU's on time. Furthermore the new Bulldozer CPU has been aimed to compete with Intel's sandy bridge CPU's. Not to mention that Intel has delayed the ivy bridge architecture till about the middle of next year, giving AMD time to pull away market share from Intel with Bulldozer and regain consumer confidence in the AMD brand. Furthermore AMD has always been known for providing consumers with the 'Best bang for buck', meaning that if AMD maintains this 'Best bang for buck' mentality, then the new AMD bulldozer CPU should be a big hit with consumers. Hence due to reasons stated above, AMD can only go anywhere but up. Hence im going long and predicting AMD to reach approximately between $11.00 and $14.00 within the next 6 months.

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