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AMZN: Amazon Going Big

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Posted 1132 days ago on 6/18/14

AMZN will go UP
$450.00 on 12/18/14
$1,040.02 (219.18% from time of market call)

Amazon.com went online in 1995. The beginning of the digital ages and boom was currently happening. Over the years Amazon shows consistent drive to innovate and develop in the world. Broadening its market's, strategies and offerings. For those of you who do not know, typically when Amazon.com dabbles its feet in a industry, it usually succeeds. Unlike the much contested acquisition of Beats Audio, with Apple. Amazon is after a much more impacting idea. In the next coming months Amazon will release their very own form of smart phone, but it will be 3D capable. With a company like amazon, the marketing potential is outstanding, especially since they have a nearly cost less ability to market to the billions of site hits they have to the site it self, per day. Much like the Kindle Fire, Amazons most recent major technology contribution and header which was a outstanding success, there is no reason to discredit the company in the upcoming phone. They have already established a market with AT&T, arguably one of the worlds most known and respected cellular provider, but also are pursuing a exclusive European partner. Establishing a yet again, global market. Economically speaking thought, completely disregarding the success Amazon continues to show with the things they touch, many economists including Moutray, have stated the economy is turning for the better now. It is expected to see the housing market following soon. BUT the kicker and main indicator is the manufacturing industry improvement. With that, it also directly affects Amazon. Today Amazon.com sits roughly $325 a share, I recommend that you prepare for the mid-term investments and profitability that this company is going to continue to follow, as proven with history, but also with them entering a market that is multi-billions, but no small organization is going to be able to penetrate the share that Samsung and Apply have. Amazon on the other hand, very well should be able to cease a very large section and offer very strong interfacing, technology, features, and aspects that no other company has been able to provide.

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