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Dividend Yield
Jan 10 3:58 AM
+ + 20 Highly Recommended Basic Material Stocks | Top Stock Buy List - WPZ, APC, APL, ASH and 17 others (view all)
Logan Anderson
Jan 25 11:44 PM
this company has gone up 128% since i bought in around three months ago sometimes doing your homework pays off - CIE
Fiona King
Jul 15 1:10 AM
What does this company do? - CIE
Greg Stapleton
Jul 15 9:08 AM
Oil focused E&P in the deep waters of Gulf of Mexico and West Africa
John Tate
May 05 12:56 PM
Short this and you win the game. - CIE
Michael Lentini
May 05 1:18 PM
can yuo explain what shorting does compared to just buying
John Tate
May 05 4:47 PM
Well in real life when you short, you borrow stocks from someone and sell them and then when the price drops you buy the stocks back.
John Tate
May 05 4:48 PM
Basically, shorting is what you do to profit from a stock going down in price. IE: This stock is shithouse.
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