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Glbrt Schneider
Jun 17 3:04 PM
Ebs - EBS
N Db
Apr 12 6:10 PM
Was I supposed to get an $800 per share dividend on this last month? I'm up like 7,300% on it now. - EBS
Nick Mittler
Apr 13 12:21 AM
haha nice i remember one time i sold $200 000 of shares on this sight and i got $420 000, but looks like you will win some money this month
Pat Grace
Sep 18 7:42 AM
ebs street authority - miken turner - EBS
Jong Kim
May 11 2:11 PM
way oversold, good earning, expect more good news for this company soon. technical indicators are just began to change the trend. go long - EBS
Pat Noggle
May 07 5:23 PM
any word on why $EBS is up nearly 12% a/h? - EBS
Timm Rees
Apr 21 11:17 AM
Bouncing back today. Made a smart purchase with $THC (Thanks @BionicTrader) $EBS is bouncing back like I thought it would too. - EBS and THC
Timm Rees
Mar 20 6:21 AM
Sure shots for today are $CDR and $EBS. Both are primed and ready for a turn around. I still think $GIS is at least a day away from being - CDR, EBS, GIS, SDP and 2 others (view all)
Mar 20 9:18 AM
I am still unable to view my home page or my updown page... so I cannot even see my portfolio, Guess I wont be trading today :(
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