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AMZN: Introduction of Amazon Local and Market Correction

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Posted 1148 days ago on 5/03/14

AMZN will go UP
$315.00 on 6/03/14
$1,003.35 (225.75% from time of market call)

Amazon just rolled out a new program called Amazon Local, which helps consumers buy deals online with stores in their local town, following the same idea that Groupon has. I believe this may be a slow take off while Groupon already has a large market, but I believe that people are going to switch to this new Amazon Local for a variety of reasons. Amazon has a remarkable interface which most of the customers love, and they offer a variety of sites that sell different products which all can be purchased with a single Amazon account. The majority of Groupon users already have an Amazon account while they are familiar with online shopping and Amazon is typically the site that consumers first "test" the online shopping experience. Amazon is much more user friendly with purchases than Groupon, and they are extremely speedy with their returns and processes in contrast to Groupon while I know from personal experience. It is more than appropriate to say that Amazon is a better online retailer than Groupon while they are bigger, have more market capitalization, etc. Amazon also happened to roll this new Local program out while the market is down about 0.5% because they're had been already a slight correction. I am anticipating a continuos correction in the market which will also cause the price of Amazon to go up.

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