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TKC: My Turkish Delight!

Start trading TKC with real money!

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Posted 3018 days ago on 4/22/09

TKC will go UP
$17.50 on 10/22/09
$9.28 (-23.24% from time of market call)

Let's be contrary and go international while others are selling and rushing back to the U.S.: 1.Turkcell Iletsm Hzmtr is a Turkish cellphone based in Turkey, providing mobile, audio, and data services over its GSM network. Other countries it serves are: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moidova, and the Ukraine. It has over 36 million subscribers. 2. The recent stock stock is touching the 200 day moving average on low volume and the small outstanding (880M) and small average daily volume (just under 1M) would be ripe for a "pop" up. 3. It has a small dividend of .59 at 4.86% so it will pay you to wait. 4. Low P/E (under 6), Gross margin over 51% and net margin over 25%, steady growth in earnings estimates, sales up (5 yr. avg.) over 25% and earnings over the same period up over 53%, Price/Cash flow ratio is 4.40, Bk value rpted in 12/07 as $6.58. 5. Looking at their cash flow, which is reported up to the third quarter of 2008, I see that they are beginning to get squeezed by the credit crunch and their investing activities are not bearing fruit (or money). They will need to work on this problem and perhaps secure government help. 6. I would recommend this stock for those with an international, contrary investing style looking for companies with fast growth possibilities and low P/E's and nice dividends--something Jim Cramer might approve.

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Posted 4/23/2009, 12:28 am

nice piece of work

Posted 4/22/2009, 7:52 pm

I like the price point...thanks for the reco

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