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FTR: Power to the "Rural" Citizens!

Start trading FTR with real money!

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Posted 3432 days ago on 2/28/08

FTR will go UP
$0.75 on 3/28/08
$14.60 (1,872.97% from time of market call)

Recently I made an analysis on FRP, remarking that copper wiring is still quite relevant today. This is certainly true for CZN as well. In fact, CZN seems to be doing an even better job of M&A activity while also providing superior services for rural customers. Why is this important? Most of the national carriers (read T, VZ, MCI) concentrate their expenditures in those areas that provide the most "bang for the buck" -- metropolitan, urban and suburban geographies. However, there are folks in the exurbs and rural areas that are just as interested in high-speed and wireless access as their metro counterparts. This is where regional providers come into play, especially companies such as CZN. How do they do this? They have historically and consistently provided superior quality of service by concentrating on tying video and audio services (like their current packages with DISH Network) with multi-year contracts of land line services. With the recently-announced stock buy-back program for 2008, a nice (and stable!) dividend going forward, and a CEO who clearly has her pulse on their geographics, CZN is poised to position itself as a formidable, rural telecom provider.

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