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Stock Pick by James Stewart

PTIE: Sell now!!!

Start trading PTIE with real money!

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Posted 74 days ago on 5/11/17

PTIE will go UP
$5.00 on 6/11/17
$3.74 (-15.38% from time of market call)

Sell now!!! Or lose what you got!!! $7 max

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Posted 5/24/2017, 4:11 pm

I predict it may ultimately rise in increments to $7.50 or $7.75. But if you have many shares it takes time to sell them so it would be good to sell while it's still on the rise. My $0.02.
In other news Jesus died for our sins and that is free├░??? Now after accepting that, we realize that God loves us deeply and asks us to live as Holy as possible with "Be holy for I AM Holy". Being forgiving and gracious with our neighbors and generous and helpful to position those in need that they may learn to fish or take care of themselves├░???
If you accept this mission then you are accepted into the 'Body of Christ'. We can now better ourselves and move from being the needy to being the answer to prayers by being fair kind just and helpful. God Bless this Great Nation of the United States of America and God Bless the World!! Amen!

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