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Emphasis is on TRADERS. This is a group dedicated to traders who not only buy, they also sell. In other words, they are traders, not necessarily long term buy and holders - but all are welcome! Short term trades generally last less than a month if swing trading and might only last hours or days - in other words, as long as the move exists. Short selling is as welcome as going long. Hey, to some... more
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Robo Trade

I found this searching for new ways to penny trade and came across this VERY interesting program. Could this be legit?

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Stock Poll: CMG Sell Short
<p>Chipotle still has too high of a P/E ratio and is among the main stocks being hurt most by the economy right now so it is a safe short term short sell. I would suggest holding it for a week or so and </p> ...
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Stock Poll: XLF Buy

Gov is determined to prop up the banks. That makes the financials cheap right now. We should buy and hold them for a bit.


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