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stock pick type Do not invest.
Posted 80 days ago on 5/08/17 by Brian Carlson

There has not been any change in this stock in years. I have attempted to dump my shares but the transaction is always canceled. I give it two thumbs down

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stock pick type Fundamental Analysis of Warren Resources Inc
Posted 3377 days ago on 4/27/08 by piccolr

Warren Resources Inc. (NASDAQ: WRES) is a small-cap independant oil & gas company involved in the on-shore exploration and production of oil and natural gas. Their natural gas operations are located in...

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stock pick type Warren's going to turn 16!
Posted 3397 days ago on 4/08/08 by whoop!

Warren's a nice little oil and gas play i've been watching for a while and think it's good to go. they're an American comapny with mkt cap of 700 million. They missed EPS for Q4 but beat revenue expectations,...

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