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stock pick type TWC: TWC bought by CHTR
Posted 701 days ago on 5/26/15 by Robert Reital

Time warner cable is being bought out by charter communications and thus their stock will be going up for a little while before plummeting after the buy. Buy while you can then sell right before the purchase....

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stock pick type MEI: MEI will trade to an adjusted $115.08 on 6/18/2018
Posted 678 days ago on 6/18/15 by Joshua Harris

MEI will trade to an adjusted $115.08 on 6/18/2018. On 6/18/2015 I have found Methode Electronics, Inc. "MEI" on the NYSE to be the #1 small cap, low P/E stock. The company has a 5 Year CAGR of 38.22%...

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stock pick type LDL: LDL trades up to $68.82 in 3 years time on 7/15/18
Posted 651 days ago on 7/15/15 by Joshua Harris

As of 7/15/2015 Lydall Inc. Ticker LDL on the NYSE is my #1 GARP pick with a p/e ratio below 15 and a small cap market capitalization. The company is in the US, the consumer goods sector and the auto parts...

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stock pick type EFOI: The analysts think Energy Foc is Outperform.
Posted 499 days ago on 12/14/15 by ascko

There are currently 2 Buy, 1 Outperform and 1 Hold opinions by professional analysts for Energy Foc. The average target price for this stock calculated by the analysts is 24.5$. According to their estimates...

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stock pick type NFLX: Day 2: Nutlfex came back for me
Posted 476 days ago on 1/07/16 by changofchina

After I was washed ashore an abandoned beach alone and scared with no dog or cat (since they left me for disney stock holders) I had no idea what I was doing. It was the night before midnight that a glowing...

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