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stock pick type CHK: Former ceo actions open up chk to civil litigation
Posted 420 days ago on 3/02/16 by Blind Trust

The current low price of oil which is likely to contine until late this year, couple with its debt load, and pending civil litigation related to its former ceo collusion charges will likely force chk...

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stock pick type TSLA: TESLA will go up
Posted 409 days ago on 3/14/16 by Jonathan Asselin

Their new model 3 will be unveiled pretty soon. If its a hit, the stock should go up. Also, even though Model 3 turns out to be a flop, Tesla also have their spin-off company called Tesla Energy which...

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stock pick type GMT: GMT from $46.12 to $70.14 in 3years time
Posted 406 days ago on 3/16/16 by Joshua Harris

As of 3/16/2016 my #1 GARP pick w/ tweaks = small cap and P/E under 10 is GATX Corp. (NYSE: GMT). It's a USA based company in the services sector and the railcar rental & leasing industry. They build and...

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stock pick type PRAA: PRAA Trades to $39.95 by 5/13/2019
Posted 348 days ago on 5/13/16 by Joshua Harris

On 5/13/2016 my value investing / margin of safety stock pick is PRA Group, Inc. Ticker: PRAA which trades on the NASDAQ. It is in the service sector and the business services industry. PRA Group, Inc....

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stock pick type WRLD: WRLD trades to $60.90 in 3 years time on 6/1/2019
Posted 329 days ago on 6/01/16 by Joshua Harris

An excellent choice for a Ben Graham/Margin Of Safety/Value Stock Pick would be World Acceptance Corp. (WRLD) which trades on the NASDAQ, is in the financial sector and the credit services industry and...

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