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stock pick type GMT: GMT from $46.12 to $70.14 in 3years time
Posted 377 days ago on 3/16/16 by Joshua Harris

As of 3/16/2016 my #1 GARP pick w/ tweaks = small cap and P/E under 10 is GATX Corp. (NYSE: GMT). It's a USA based company in the services sector and the railcar rental & leasing industry. They build and...

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stock pick type PRAA: PRAA Trades to $39.95 by 5/13/2019
Posted 318 days ago on 5/13/16 by Joshua Harris

On 5/13/2016 my value investing / margin of safety stock pick is PRA Group, Inc. Ticker: PRAA which trades on the NASDAQ. It is in the service sector and the business services industry. PRA Group, Inc....

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stock pick type WRLD: WRLD trades to $60.90 in 3 years time on 6/1/2019
Posted 300 days ago on 6/01/16 by Joshua Harris

An excellent choice for a Ben Graham/Margin Of Safety/Value Stock Pick would be World Acceptance Corp. (WRLD) which trades on the NASDAQ, is in the financial sector and the credit services industry and...

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stock pick type CALM: CALM trades to $61.49 in 3 years on 6/14/2019
Posted 286 days ago on 6/14/16 by Joshua Harris

As of 6.14.2016 my number 1 Ben Graham style Margin of Safety Value Company Pick is Cal_Main Foods Inc. which trades on the NASDAQ with the ticker CALM. They produce shelled chicken eggs and sell them...

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stock pick type PDLI: PDLI trades up to 4.97 per share in 3 years time
Posted 255 days ago on 7/15/16 by Joshua Harris

My number 1 Margin of Safety, Ben Graham stock pick on 7.15.2016 is PDL BioPharma Inc. with the ticker PDLI which trades on the NASD. It's a US based company in the healthcare sector and the biotechnology...

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