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stock pick type NVDA: Self Driving cars
Posted 99 days ago on 1/18/17 by Hezekiah Domowski

Self Driving cars need GPUs to crunch the camera data. Nvidia is currently the top pick for that from customers like Tesla who are on the bleeding edge of that tech. Their main GPU competition has been...

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stock pick type AFSI: AFSI trades to an adj. $37.22 buy 2/15/2020
Posted 70 days ago on 2/15/17 by Joshua Harris

My # 1 Ben Graham/Warren Buffett value investing style pick on 2/15/2017 is AmTrust Financial Services, Inc. which trades on the NASDAQ with the ticker "AFSI". AmTrust is an NYC based property and casualty...

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stock pick type DYN: Mixed Coal an Gas future
Posted 68 days ago on 2/18/17 by Frank Chary

The natural gas part will do well but I'm not sure about the coal. A stiff carbon tax could hurt this company in the future. But a short term increase may happen in a record high post Trump election....

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stock pick type JCP: JCP to rise according to CNBC
Posted 45 days ago on 3/13/17 by Andre Deese

I own 20 shares of this stock after seeing a CNBC interview and stock analysis. The CEO of the company says they are moving into the Home Appliance market. Which is good for home owners and home investors...

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stock pick type OXLC: Good buy for possibly breakout
Posted 43 days ago on 3/14/17 by Matt Rockefeller

Oxford Lane Capital Corp pays out a 60 cent dividend every quarter, and is in a up trending triangle. If it bounces back to 11.60s then we could see it breakout to $12. And while waiting you collect a...

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