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stock pick type BAS: Updown fix stock split and remove - sign please!!
Posted 21 days ago on 12/27/16 by Frank Chary

Updown admin please review the stock split for BAS that was done at midnight and remove the negative (-) sign. Look at RMX stock split (done right!). Also, SNTA is now MDGL on NASDAQ as of Jul 25, 2016. Contact...

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stock pick type UVE: UVE trades to $46.36 in 3 years time on 1/13/2020
Posted 4 days ago on 1/13/17 by Joshua Harris

My # 1 Ben Graham- Warren Buffett value investing style pick n 1/13/2017 is Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. (UVE) on the NYSE. They are a property and casualty insurance company that holds 85% of its...

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stock pick type NVDA: Self Driving cars
Posted 0 days ago on 1/18/17 by Hezekiah Domowski

Self Driving cars need GPUs to crunch the camera data. Nvidia is currently the top pick for that from customers like Tesla who are on the bleeding edge of that tech. Their main GPU competition has been...

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