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Las Vegas, NV

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Ron Spinabella's Activity

Ron Spinabella
Jun 27 12:14 AM
Amazon buying whole foods good idea? Or are they buying a management nightmare? - AMZN
Ron Spinabella
Jun 22 2:59 PM
TSLA is on fire, 20% gain in only a few weeks. I guess people are loving their self driving ludicrous mode cars - TSLA
Ron Spinabella
Jun 12 2:00 PM
Retail stores are dying. Amazon is the future. Hopefully they never get an antitrust suit against them - AMZN
Ron Spinabella
Jun 02 12:16 PM
TSLA is hot, I hope it keeps going up. The new Tesla powerwall is going to revolutionize home solar power! - TSLA
Ron Spinabella
May 24 9:57 PM
Stocks are skyrocketing, get in before its too late - Ron Spinabella
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