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stock pick type AAPL: Always Moving Forward
Posted 3 days ago on 4/21/17 by Jacquelin Bowers

It's a steady company

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stock pick type QTM: 1-8 reverse stock split
Posted 4 days ago on 4/20/17 by Aaron Fry

QTM performed a 1-8 reverse stock split on April 18th, can you please adjust my shorted shares?

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stock pick type UTHR: undervalued
Posted 18 days ago on 4/07/17 by Case Smien


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stock pick type WWE: WWE Invest
Posted 19 days ago on 4/06/17 by Tyler Kasmir

Yea money.

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stock pick type MSFT: Microsoft
Posted 33 days ago on 3/22/17 by Kaleb Bridges

Makes a lot of money on a daily basis.

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